Fallout: the actor chosen for one of the protagonists of the Amazon Prime Video TV series

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From Deadline comes news on the choice ofactor for one of the protagonists from the TV series Of Falloutin production at Amazon Prime Video: it’s about Walton Gogginswhich we do not yet know exactly who he will play but will still be one of the main characters and according to some rumors he could be a ghoul.

According to the typical lore of the series, ghouls (or post-human necrotics) are humans mutated by radiation, which have become a sort of living zombie. They are characterized by a decidedly disturbing aspect but are able to have a considerable longevity, as well as no longer suffer the negative effects of radiation exposure, having already reached the maximum degree of devastation or almost.

Although usually these are post-human beings, no longer endowed with conscience, in some cases they can demonstrate a certain degree of humanity left and probably the character of Goggins, in case he is really a ghoul, will be one of them. The actor in question is known for many roles between TV series and films, including Shane Vendrell in the telefilm The Shield, Boyd Crowder in Justified and Chris Mannix in Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, to name a few.

The Fallout TV series is in the works at Amazon Studios and Kilter Films in collaboration with Bethesda Softworks, with Jonathan Nolan producing and directing the first episodes, Lisa Joy producing for Kilter Films and Todd Howard and James Altman as production managers at Bethesda.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner are the showrunners for this TV series, which is expected to begin full production sometime in 2022 but does not yet have a defined release period. Based on what has emerged earlier, it seems that the series is destined to be completely insane.

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