Fast X: first official trailer for the new film in the Fast & Furious series

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In anticipation of the probable special event scheduled for Super Bowl LVII night, Universal Pictures has released the first one official trailer Of Fast Xthe new film in the series Fast & Furious arriving May 18, 2023.

Fast X is the tenth chapter of the saga and seems to represent a sort of celebration of it. Directed by Louis Leterrier after being initiated by Justin Lin, the film once again stars the family of Dominic Toretto, this time engaged in an adventure of such large dimensions that it has to be told in two films.

Based on reports, although there are still no precise elements in this regard, it seems in fact that the plot started in Fast X will then find a conclusion in a possible Part 2 still to be defined.

Dominic, played again by the stainless Vin Diesel, still faces the evil Cipher (Charlize Theron), as well as the new villain Dante, played by Jason Momoa. The new entry of the Toretto team is no less: it is in fact Brie Larson, who we already knew was part of the cast of the new film.

For the rest, they go back in cast also other familiar faces such as Michelle Rodriguez (Letty), Jordana Brewster (Mia), Tyrese Gibson (Roman), Ludacris (Tej), Jason Statham (Deckard Shaw), John Cena (Jakob Toretto), Sung Kang (Han Lue), Scott Eastwood (Eric), Michael Rooker (Buddy), Helen Mirren (Queenie) and Rita Moreno (Grandma Toretto).

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