Final Fantasy 10: Rikku cosplay from Bellatrix Aiden is ready for action

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Final Fantasy 10 is one of the games of the long-running Square Enix series most loved by fans, its sequel is probably one of the least appreciated. Be that as it may, Bellatrix Aiden try to change our mind with his rikku cosplay.

Rikku is one of the main and playable characters in Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2. Daughter of Cid and cousin of Yuna, she is characterized by a sunny and exuberant character, which all in all brightens the atmosphere during the pilgrimage to Zanarkand.

Bellatrix Aiden’s cosplay is inspired by Rikku’s ball hunting outfit in Final Fantasy 10-2. This is a very faithful representation and includes all of the character’s colorful costume. So we find the iconic yellow bikini and brown miniskirt, with attached yellow belt. There is also a long yellow and red scarf and white and blue ankle boots.

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