Final Fantasy 14: graphic update coming and more single player content

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During the last live of the “Letter from the Producer” series, the team of Final Fantasy 14 unveiled plans for the future of the MMO. Among the various innovations, the first details on a massif have been announced graphic update for the game and some system changes of the Trust to make some content more accessible for those who prefer to play alone.

The team led by Naoki Yoshida with the version 7.0which will arrive in conjunction with the next big expansion of Final Fantasy 14 (so let’s assume in 2023), will introduce the first graphic update since the launch of A Realm Reborn.

The goal is to make Final Fantasy 14 more modern and in line with today’s productions, but all in a way that is sustainable for a multiplayer game with lots of characters and enemies on the screen. THE minimum PC version requirements they will be updated accordingly to reflect those changes, while Yoshida has promised that PS4 versions will still be supported for several years.

The graphic upgrade of Final Fantasy 14 will improve the visual rendering of characters, NPCs and game environments, with higher quality textures, materials, lighting system and shadows, as well as denser vegetation and more objects in the setting . Among the team’s goals is also to make the faces more realistic for the various races. You can take a look at some examples of the graphic upgrade in the gallery below.

Another of the other goals for the future is to expand the Trust feature, which allows you to play single player multiplayer content with AI-driven companions, to more content. Patch 6.1 to 6.5 will come extended compatibility to all main scenario dungeons and all Trials by four players. In particular, with version 6.1 all the contents of A Realm Reborn will be compatible with the Trust. The exception at the moment would seem to be the eight-player trials, which will be considered after version 7.0, and all other eight-player or more-player activities.

This is great news for those who prefer to play solo or have just started Final Fantasy 14 and aren’t part of a guild or can’t find players to tackle multiplayer content from A Realm Reborn or older expansions.

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