Final Fantasy 14: the free version will be available again soon

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During the last live show in the “Letter from the Producer” series, Naoki Yoshida announced that subscriptions to the Free Trial Of Final Fantasy 14or the free version of the game, will be available again starting next week, to be precise from Tuesday 22 February.

For the uninitiated, thanks to the free trial anyone can venture to Eorzea and face all the contents of the base game, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, and of the first expansion, Heavensward, up to level 60. There are some limits of course, such as the maximum number of characters that can be created and the absence of retainers, but we are potentially talking about hundreds and hundreds of hours of completely free contentwithout having to pay the monthly fee to buy the game and the aforementioned expansion.

Final Fantasy 14, an official artwork

However, at the end of last year, to mitigate server congestion problems, Square Enix was forced to remove the base game and the Free Trial from the sale to limit the arrival of new players. Those who previously registered for the free version, on the other hand, could continue to play safely, but with a lower priority for logging in than paying players.

Now that the server situation has stabilized, Square Enix has recently resumed sales of the base game, while from February 22, registrations for the Free Trial will reopen, so if you haven’t tried Square Enix’s MMO yet, now you have the opportunity. to repair. For more details on where to download and activate the Final Fantasy 14 Free Trial, we refer you to the Square Enix support page at this link.

Also during the live Naoki Yoshida announced that in the future the first graphic upgrade of Final Fantasy 14 will arrive and a greater number of contents will be available in single player.

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