Final Fantasy 14 will not have NFT, the promise of Naoki Yoshida

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Final Fantasy 14 he will not have NFT. It was to promise it Naoki Yoshida during a recent live stream dedicated to the game. Yoshida is the producer and director of the game, beloved by the community that gravitates around the hugely popular MMORPG.

Yoshida confidently stated that Final Fantasy 14 will not have NFT and that fans can rest assured about it. The reason is the way the game was designed, which wouldn’t make them fit for implementation. However he is in particular interested in the subject. Unfortunately, he cannot talk about it in contexts related to Final Fantasy 14, while he could do it in an interview unrelated to the game.

The introduction of the new business model it may have potential, not necessarily bad, but it should be done in a game specifically designed to support NFTs. Basically developers need to make sure the games are fun.

In short, it seems that the opening of the president of Square Enix Yosuke Matsuda towards NFTs, which we remember to be 80% scams on sites like OpenSea, does not concern Final Fantasy 14. Moreover, it would not make much sense to infuriate a large community like that of the MMORPG to insert a new form of monetization perceived as particularly predatory, useless and harmful.

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