Final Fantasy 16: Release in 2022? Unlikely, according to Jason Schreier

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Final Fantasy 16 probably it will not be released in 2022second Jason Schreierwhich is usually considered a rather reliable source for rumors, although in this case the forecast remains rather vague.

The Bloomberg journalist spoke directly to the ResetEra forum to have his say on the possible release of Final Fantasy 16, claiming that he “would not hope” for a release scheduled for 2022 for the new Square Enix game, hinting that this will probably come. moved to 2023 for several reasons.

Among the main causes, according to reports, is the fact that the team responsible for Final Fantasy 16 is the same one that is dealing with Final Fantasy 14and the latter has clearly taken precedence in recent months, probably leading to a general delay in the work on the new single player chapter.

“The thing to consider about Final Fantasy 16 is that it is being handled by the same people who develop Final Fantasy 14, which has been prioritized this year and has itself been postponed several times,” regarding the latest updates.

According to Schreier, therefore, this would probably be the reason why Final Fantasy 16, according to the developers themselves, has accumulated about 6 months of delay in development.

On the other hand, the fact that the new chapter is not mentioned in the official Square Enix line-up for 2022 may also represent another clue that the game is at this point scheduled for 2023, but we still await any news. to about.

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