Final Fantasy 7: Tifa cosplay from melamori.cosplay is a perfect embodiment

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Let’s go back to the parts of Final Fantasy 7probably opposite Remake, pre this new Tifa cosplaythis time by the always excellent melamori.cosplaywhich in this case really outdid itself with a practically perfect interpretation.

On the other hand, the subject in question is one of the favorites of cosplayers from all over the world and we have seen many other very convincing interpretations of it, but this Tifa still amazes for the fidelity with which she is impersonated by the model, managing to give life to one of the closest cosplays to the original character that we have ever seen, thanks to the care in the reconstruction of the dress but also of the setting, obviously obtained with a little graphic elaboration.

The costume, in particular, appears extremely accurate in every minimum detail, taking into consideration every minimum decorative element and even the most complex elements such as the armored gloves and the leather skirt with a particular design. For the rest of the hair and physique up to the features, they are all perfectly in line with the original and seem to emerge directly from the famous Japanese RPG by Square Enix.

Judging by the various visible details, the reference seems to be to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a new version of the classic that has recently obtained confirmation of a second and third part currently in development. The melamori.cosplay model directly refers to this new version of the Square Enix RPG as an inspiration for this great cosplay

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