Forspoken: The ESRB classification speaks of violence and foul language

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Forspokenthe action game from Luminous Productions coming to PC and PS5, was classified by the American body ESRB, which is the US consideration of our PEGI. The final classification speaks of violence and foul language.

Specifically, the ESRB has classified Forspoken as “M for Mature“, which can be translated into our 16 or, more often, 18, depending on the case. The ESRB explains that there are films with” acts of violence “such as” a character trying to jump off a building, monsters who kill of civilians, a character with a firearm pointed at him “.

Faye, protagonist of Forspoken

This last description is probably related to the initial phase of the game, where Faye she is still in New York and lives her own life before being transported to Athia’s fantasy realm. There, with the help of a sentient bracelet and new magical abilities, the girl will have to clash with the Tantas, matriarchs once loved by the people who have however become evil. In all, there will be four realms to explore, with monsters to fight and a strange epidemic to battle with.

Finally, we would like to point out that we interviewed Luminous Production, authors of Forspoken.

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