Fortnite: next Marvel skin discovered thanks to the cross-over comic?

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Fortnite is known for his collaborations, especially with Marvel. Now, a comic book may have unveiled the next skin which will be present in the Epic Games battle royale.

Precisely, as indicated it could be on the way Shuri from Black Panther in Fortnite. The whole thing was suggested by the well-known leaker Shiina, as you can see for yourself in the tweet below.

The new cross-over comic book for June, Fortnite X Marvel Zero Wara follow-up to the Nexus War book – which had anticipated Thor’s arrival on the island -, shows us that among the Marvel characters there is also the sister of Black Panther, Shuri, who uses technology to fight.

Obviously this is not an official confirmation, just a reasoning, but it could be just what will happen. Shuriamong other things, he will be an important character for the Black Panther film Wakanda Forever: the arrival in Fortnite could be part of the promotional effort of Marvel.

For the moment, in any case, we can only wait for confirmations or denials. In the meantime, we can (re) see the Italian trailer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the next Marvel movie on the way.

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