Fortnite: the skins of the Legend of Zelda, Destiny 2 and Mass Effect are coming? A clue pops up

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Fortnite over the years it has accustomed us to collaborations of all kinds with films, comics, TV series, musical artists and even other video games with skins and / or themed events. How much the next crossover could involve the characters of The Legend of Zelda, Destiny 2, Mass Effect and Mega Man according to a survey sent to battle royale players.

As reported by the Twitter account, Destiny Bulletin, Epic Games has sent surveys related to Fortnite Battaglia Reale in recent days. One of the questions asked is whether users know or at least have ever heard of various characters from other videogame brands. Options include the Drifter, Mara Sov, the Titan class and Hive race from Destiny 2, Link and Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda, Samara from Mass Effect, Mega Man and Alexios from Assassin’s Creed.

Most of the options relate to Destiny 2, which could be a way for Epic Games to test the waters for a possible crossover. Incidentally, a similar poll some time ago cited other iconic characters such as Zavala and Osiris.

Although they are not absolutely to be excluded a priori, we believe collaborations with Nintendo are less likely, given the historical attachment of the Japanese company to its historical characters, while the inclusion of Samara from Mass Effect does not make sense to us, given that it certainly is not. one of the best known characters in the Bioware series.

Obviously there is nothing official at the moment, so we are waiting for official news from Epic Games. Still on the subject of possible collaborations, this month Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake could arrive on Fortnite on the occasion of the release of the Uncharted film.

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