Fortnite: trailer and image of the Uncharted characters, in game and film version

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Epic Games has announced that from February 17, 2022 we will be able to play as Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer, protagonists of Unchartedinside Fortnite. We will be able to check the game version and the movie version of the two characters, as you can see from the trailer above and from the image below.

Epic Games had already suggested the arrival of the Uncharted characters in Fortnite with a treasure hunt on the site. For the moment the trailer confirms only the themed costumes Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer, but it is highly likely that there are also a series of accessories, and maybe even weapons, themed with the Naughty Dog game.

Uncharted in Fortnite

It will be possible to purchase these items in the Fortnite store starting from February 17, 2022, that is the day of the release in Italy of the Uncharted film. The package, while also offering the videogame version of the characters, is in fact designed first of all to advertise the arrival of the film all over the world.

Tell us, what do you think of the two Uncharted characters? Have they been recreated in the best way, or do you think that Fortnite’s graphic style doesn’t fit well with the realistic look of Naughty Dog’s games?

Uncharted is in a golden moment: in addition to this collaboration and the film, the “Uncharted Collection The Legacy of Thieves” collection, which is among the best-selling games in Italy at the end of January 2022, is also available on PS5.

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