Fortnite x DOOM: the Slayer skin could arrive in a few days

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According to the well-known leaker of Fortnite Hypex, the DOOM Slayer skin will debut in the battle royale store during the course of the next week.

This time the tip is not based on game files discovered thanks to datamining, but rather thanks to the clues offered by MidaRado, an insider who in recent months has revealed many of the contents that arrived on Fortnite in advance, including those of the Dragon Ball-themed collaboration . MidaRado has revealed that a new collaboration will arrive next week and that the theme will be one between DOOM 64, Family Guy (Family Guy) and The Lord of the Rings.

HYPEX is certain that it will be the turn of the Slayer skin, already suggested several months ago by Nick Baker, based on the fact that DOOM 64 is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store, on the occasion of Quakecon 2022.

Indeed, his reasoning would seem sensible, but it must also be said that just a few hours ago a Lord of the Rings easter egg was found on the Fortnite map, which could therefore suggest a possible crossover. In short, surely something is boiling in the pot at Epic Games, but to find out what it is we just have to wait for an official announcement.

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