Galax’s NVIDIA RTX 4090 is so huge that it requires a support stick

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There NVIDIA RTX 4090 it’s a gigantic video card, no doubt about it, but the custom version produced by Galax it is big enough to require one support sticksdressed up for the occasion with sparkling RGB lights and a big name: Dark Obelisk.

The specifications of the NVIDIA RTX 4090 speak for themselves: we are faced with a power monsterbut at the same time it is a far from compact GPU, capable of occupying four slots and consuming an enormous amount of energy.

Well, Galax has solved the weight and size problem by introducing a support stick that attaches to the side of the card to prevent it from collapsing, although in theory it is fixed not only to the PCI-Express slot but also to the case with a few screws.

As far as the age-old dilemma of heat dissipation is concerned, the GPU in question is equipped with a cooling system that uses three 102mm fans in diameter for the purpose of blowing cold air onto the chips.

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