Ganryu 2: announced the sequel to a little known title for Neo Geo

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Publisher Just For Games and developer Storybird Studio have announced Ganryu 2sequel to a little-known arcade platformer for Neo Geodating back to 1999, to be released on April 22, 2022 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S.

In fact it is a cult title among fans of retrogaming, but we imagined everything except that it would announce the second chapter in 2022. However, given the Streets of Rage 4 and Windjammers 2 cases, it’s not even the oddity it seems. The license will have cost him very little.

A first was published to accompany the announcement trailerwhich shows the gameplay, strictly in line with that of the original:

Also publish some imageswhich you can find collected in the following gallery:

Finally, let’s read the plot and features of the game:

After beating Kojirō, Musashi decides to retire to the province of Hokkaido, in the north of Japan, to meditate and devote himself to art. During a meditation, a spirit contacts him: “Miyamoto Musashi, our battle is not over yet, I am waiting for you to put an end to this story once and for all! The whole of Japan will pay for your outrage! I am waiting for you, Miyamoto Musashi! “Musashi has no doubts, that’s Sasaki Kojirō’s voice. His body may have been defeated, but the spirit remains and has extremely vengeful intentions. Miyamoto Musashi understands, therefore, that he must cross Japan from north to south arriving on the island of Ganryū-jima, where he had already beaten Sasaki Kojirō once, to fight him again and free his spirit of him forever.

A hack’n’slash inspired by Eiji Yoshikawa’s novel “Musashi”, published in 1930, about the life of Takezo Musashi, the most famous real-life samurai in Japan!
Explore a fictional 17th-century Japan through the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Defeat Kojirō in the floating fortress and save Japan!
Sprint, double jump and against the wall, throw kunai to defeat enemies!
Use special skills, Kami, to beat opponents.
Collect the Hanafuda cards hidden in the various levels.
A gorgeous pixel art video game inspired by classics like Shinobi 3 and Shadow Dancer.

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