Gears of War, the movie: the creator of the game absolutely does not want Chris Pratt in the Netflix cast

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As you know, Netflix is working on a film by Gears of War, the saga currently of Microsoft. We don’t have much information about it and we don’t know the cast, but the creator of the game – Cliff Bleszinski – has very clear ideas: all but not Chris Pratt.

Bleszinski had his say Twitter, where he wrote, “Oh, keep Chris Pratt away from the Gears franchise, please,” followed by an expletive that we didn’t feel needed translating. The author doesn’t give real reasons why Chris Pratt shouldn’t be a part of Gears of War: maybe he just doesn’t like him, or he doesn’t appreciate the actor being all over the place lately. Maybe everything also relates to the discussions on Pratt’s Super Mario for the Nintendo film.

We must also remember that Bleszinski is no longer related to the saga in any way and obviously has no say in regards to the casting of the Gears of War film or any other element.

But Bleszinski jokes that Pratt should play all the members of the Carmen family. Also, continuing with the jokes, someone had an AI create images of Gears of War character with the face of Chris Pratt. You can see the pictures above.

Bleszinski later said that Ryan Reynolds would be a perfect Baird. It therefore seems that the author has in mind the “right” characters for the Gears of War characters.

What do you think about it? Which are the best?

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