Genshin Impact: mural in a US school criticized for satanic, but it is only the mask of Xiao

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USA school mural

A high school girl in Michigan was criticized last week for a mural – which you can see above – in which pro-LGBT messages would be hidden e demonic symbols and dedicated to witchcraft. Too bad the demon symbol is simply the mask worn by Xiao, a character from Genshin Impact.

Among the various symbols criticized by parents is the hand symbol that you can see on the left of the white rabbit, which is also considered “demonic” and part of “witchcraft”. It is actually the Hamsa or Hand of Fatima, a characteristic symbol of the Muslim and Jewish religions. You won’t be surprised to find that the transgender flag has also been criticized.

The attack then continued towards the mask, which is under the pig (representing recently deceased youtuber Technoblade). According to the parents, it was a way to represent Satan, when in reality it is simply the mask of Xiao, a character from Genshin Impact. He is an immortal guardian who protects Liyue’s nation from evil spirits: in a sense he is the anti-Satan. Furthermore, the mask is not an original creation of miHoYo but comes from ancient Chinese folk art.

When the girl tried to defend her mural, her parents disagreed. “It seems to me that she did a great job of making excuses to defend the stuff that she staged,” said one attendee. “None of us are that stupid”. We are not sure that this last statement is reliable, but that is what has been said.

Another stated that the transgender flag it’s a “disease” and that adults who “pretend things like this are real life” need to be “cured” with medication and counseling. Others were concerned that the mural discriminated against Christian beliefs.

We don’t think we need to underline how many of these comments are the result of a certain ignorance, given that a few online searches are enough to understand the true meaning of all the symbols present in the mural.

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