Genshin Impact, Shirogane-sama’s Shenhe cosplay is perfect

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Genshin Impact remains one of the main passions of Shirogane-sama: the Russian model dedicated her latest cosplay to the character of Shen-hewith excellent results.

After the cosplay of Eula and that of Mona, the beautiful Shirogane has seen fit to dedicate herself to the fighter introduced in the title plate miHoYo last December.

Shenhe was estranged from her family when she was still a child because she was considered “cursed”, later living in isolation in the Liyue mountains, training under the guidance of the adeptus Cloud Retainer.

Shirogane’s cosplay adds mystery and charm to the character: thanks to the hairstyle, but also to the splendid costume worn by the model, which seems to leave nothing to chance and is full of details.

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