Genshin Impact: spooky.foxx cosplay of Mona is magic

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Genshin Impact continues to provide inspiration for cosplayers around the world, thanks in part to its structure based on an ever-expanding roster of heroes, and this is demonstrated once again by this new Mona cosplay from spooky.foxx.

Mona is probably one of the favorite subjects and more popular with cosplayers, as evidenced by the amount of reinterpretations we have seen in recent months, probably because the complex dress and the charm of the character makes her naturally inclined to representation according to different declinations and interpretations.

Spooky.foxx, in particular, certainly focuses on a somewhat sensual interpretation, giving life to an interpretation faithful to the original of the MiHoYo game as regards different elements of the complex costume, but also a little personal for some details, in a shot that still seems to contain a great deal of work. This not only as regards the construction of the dress but also in the effects, since Mona seems to be in the process of cast a spell really.

The girl in question is a young woman astrologer who took refuge in Mondstadt to escape the wrath of her teacher, after having peeked at his secret diary making him furious. In Genshin Impact she is a somewhat learned and skilled fighter in her field of study, who nevertheless seems to have a constant problem with money management.

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