Genshin Impact will be in Italian with version 2.6, according to a leak

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Genshin Impact could finally receive the Italian translation with the update to version 2.6based on what was reported by a leak coming from a source generally considered quite reliable with regards to the MiHoYo game.

This was revealed by the Twitter account Project Celestia, specialized in the collection and dissemination of preview information on Genshin Impact starting from datamining and similar operations. So there is a source that can be considered partially reliable and, on the other hand, there have been various rumors in the past about the possibility that the famous action RPG was about to be officially translated into our language.

Obviously it is about subtitles and texts on the screen, therefore not of the dubbing, of course. According to what was reported by Project Celestia in the tweet in question, with the update 2.6 two languages ​​for the subtitles of Genshin Impact should be added: Italian and Turkish, another language particularly requested by a part of the game’s public.

All this is “subject to variations”, as also referred to in the message, so there is in any case the absolute certainty of these new introductions, which at least should still be in an advanced state of work.

Also with regard to the 2.6 update of Genshin Impact, in recent days the possible map of the new area of ​​The Chasm has emerged and two new sets of Artifacts that should be included in the upcoming update.

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