Ghostwire: Tokyo, lots of new details on the story, gameplay, missions and scenario

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Ghostwire: Tokyo was the protagonist of a presentation last night, which was followed by a long post published on the PlayStation Blog by the game director, Kenji Kimura, which revealed new details on history, gameplay, missions and scenery.

As you may have read in our preview of Ghostwire: Tokyo, Tango Gameworks’ latest project is set in Tokyo and the events begin in the famous Shibuya intersection, when all the passers-by mysteriously disappear and the protagonist, Akito, finds himself alone.

“A dangerous fog creeps in and blurs the line between the normal and the paranormal, isolating Shibuya from the rest of the world,” Kimura wrote. “In the role of Akitoyou will explore this transformed place and reveal some fragments of the mystery of the disappearance of citizens and your family, and of the presence of Hannya, the masked man responsible for everything. ”

“As you progress, you will discover why Akito survived the disappearance and how he gained the power to face the otherworldly horrors that have swept over the city. An outspoken detective joins the adventure: KK. “

“Early in the game, Akito is involved in a fatal accidentbut his life is saved by the spirit of KK who merges with his body to pursue his own ends: this expert ghost hunter with a difficult past, already knows Hannya and has a plan of his own. “

“After merging with Akito, the two slowly begin to understand each other better as they strive to achieve their respective goals, although there is no lack of occasional discussions. Their friendship is not immediate, but we think players will appreciate their lively exchanges of jokes as they pass through the neighborhood of Shibuya. ”

Ghostwire: Tokyo, Akito in the scenario

“As you make your way through Tokyo, you will inevitably come across called supernatural beings Visitors, evil enemies who stand in the way of Akito and KK. Ordinary attacks with guns and swords are of no use against these otherworldly threats. “

“You will have to rely mainly onEthereal Weaving, hand gestures that allow you to manipulate the ether, to face enemies. By manipulating this supernatural energy, you can shape and release it to harm your enemies. “

“You will have it available three elements, each suited to specific enemies and distances. Making strategic use of it will be crucial to gaining the upper hand in battle. ”

Ghostwire: Tokyi, a spirit is approaching menacingly

Ghostwire: Tokyi, a spirit is approaching menacingly

“The first of the three elements is the wind. By manipulating the wind, you can fire quick bursts of Aether at your enemies, as if you were holding a pistol. Then there is thewater. It works more like a shotgun, allowing you to inflict bursts of heavy damage at close range and knock back targets. “

“These strikes have a large area of ​​effect, so they are extremely useful when you have a lot of enemies standing on you. The last element is the fire. It’s kind of like a rocket launcher. Deals massive explosive damage to anything hit by the blast. Manipulating fire is especially useful when enemies are grouped together. “

“Regular and Charged Attacks allow you to expose enemy cores, to tear them apart and inflict massive damage. Plus, thanks to the haptic feedback of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, you’ll feel like you’re in the thick of the action as you unleash Ethereal Weaving and tear apart your enemies. “

“In addition to the three attack elements, you can also wield the earth’s ether to parry enemy attacks. other tools, such as a bow and special talismans that facilitate circumspection. It doesn’t matter how you prefer to fight because Ghostwire: Tokyo gives you the tools to take on opponents the way you want, thanks to dynamic and exciting combat. ”

Ghostwire: Tokyo, a fight sequence

Ghostwire: Tokyo, a fight sequence

“Shibuya was cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious one fog that emerges, throughout the city, from a series of altered Torii gates, connected to the underworld. “

“Akito has the power to remove this alteration, lifting the blanket of fog that covers the area around the doors and expanding the area open to exploration. Torii doors they are scattered throughout Shibuya, not only at the entrances of Shinto shrines, where they are traditionally found, but also in dark alleys and rooftops. “

“As you make your way through the alleys and plumb the dungeons of Shibuya, you will become witnesses of all sorts of supernatural events, inspired by the lively Japanese folklore. For example, an urban legend talks about a mysterious train that arrives in stations, but is not featured on any train board. “

“Anyone who embarks alone is dragged into another realm, where they get stuck forever. Is there a way to escape? Ghostwire: Tokyo invites you to embark on the adventure and find out for yourself, if you dare!”

Ghostwire: Tokyo, one of the scenarios

Ghostwire: Tokyo, one of the scenarios

“Now that Shibuya is linked to the underworld, things that were once hidden have begun to come out. Although the city has become much more dangerous, not every newcomer poses a threat to Akito and KK. Some can help enhance it. his supernatural powers. “

“For example, let’s take the spirits you will find around the streets. These lost souls are just some of the approximately 200,000 people who disappeared at the start of the game. Using special phone booths assembled by a member of the KK squad, Akito can send these souls back. to the safety of the outside world, by leveling up and unlocking new ones spiritual abilities. “

“You will also discover personifications of different natural phenomena that roam the streets. These mythological beings are called yokai and you can come across their various manifestations: kappa, ittan-momen, rokurokubi and many more. Finding them is only the first step. To capture them and exploit their power you will have to use different and original methods. “

“THE kappa, for example, they love cucumbers, so if you bring some with you, you can lure them out into the open. The clothing-like bodies of the ittan-momen can fly and must be chased through the air, while the devious long-necked rokurokubi must be chased through labyrinthine alleys. ”

Ghostwire: Tokyo, a creepy sequence in a corridor

Ghostwire: Tokyo, a creepy sequence in a corridor

“Now that the humans are gone, the little shops and stalls in town are run by cute called cats nekomata. These enterprising felines sell all sorts of merchandise including food, talismans, arrows, and more. Always try to have plenty of meika, the supernatural currency in place since the demise of humanity. “

“Local creatures, such as the nekomata and the tanuki, they have a lot to do. Help them and you will get protective amulets and other items that will surely come in handy in your exploration. Of course, no material reward could ever match the satisfaction of helping these nice friends. “

“As Akito’s power grows, you will be able to strengthen his Ethereal Weaving attacks, better perceive the supernatural elements in the surrounding environment, glide longer and longer, and even take a ride clinging to the winged tengu.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the protagonist Akito

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the protagonist Akito

“Around the world, Tokyo is known for its towering skyscrapers and twinkling neon lights. However, as you stray off the beaten path, you will discover old houses, ancient temples, shrines and lots of history, scattered throughout the city.”

“Despite being a modern city filled with all kinds of cutting-edge technology, Tokyo is also a place where you will see many aspects of nature reinvented in the form of colorful yokai creatures.”

“The city is filled with urban legends and tales that deepen human curiosity (and, at times, fear of the unknown). In many ways, Tokyo embodies the balance between modernity and nature that makes Japan’s culture so interesting to those who live it and for those who observe it from the outside. “

“The Ghostwire: Tokyo team has worked hard to capture this fascination in the representation of the city that tens of millions of people call home. With unique 3D spatial audio capabilities and technology of ray-tracing from PlayStation 5you will feel the charm of the city on your skin, like never before. “

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