Ghostwire: Tokyo will put the charm of the royal city in a sandbox

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Ghostwire: Tokyo will put the charm from the city Japanese in a sandbox freely explorable by players, according to what the developers reported during an interview with EDGE magazine.

Shown recently with a combat-based gameplay video, Ghostwire: Tokyo will throw us inside Shibuya and other typical districts of Tokyosuddenly invaded by hordes of evil spirits.

“The game will use all of Tokyo’s most fascinating aspects, condensing them into a sandbox,” said development manager Masato Kimura. “There will be various parts of the city connected in an interesting way, with a lot of contrast between the oldest and the modern districts (…), side by side.”

“The possibility of exploring a map of this size so quickly is made possible by theSSDfrom the memory and computational capacity of PS5and as a development team we greatly appreciate that possibility. “

“Using the DualSense controller you can feel the energy rising and then being released – it’s not something you commonly see in other games, the feeling of tracking these actions through hand gestures.”

“You will have three basic elemental attacks at your disposal: one is the wind and works a bit like a pistol with multiple shots, then there is the water that boasts a wider range, along the lines of a shotgun. . And finally fire, which causes explosions like a rocket launcher. “

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