Goat Simulator 3 and Evil West, sales in line with the expectations of Embracer Group

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Goat simulator 3 and Evil West they recorded sales in line with expectations Of Embracer Group: the company declared it in the context of the latest financial report, which examines the results achieved during the third fiscal quarter, the one that runs from October to December 2022.

“The top revenue stream of new releases for the quarter was Goat Simulator 3, released exclusively on PC via the Epic Games Store, as well as consoles,” the document reads. “The game, developed by Coffee Stain North and published by Coffee Stain, was able to count on a solid reception from critics and fans. Share sales were broadly in line with expectations for Q3.”

“Another notable release for the quarter was Evil West, developed by internal studio Flying Wild Hog (PLAION) and published by external publisher Focus Entertainment. The game was solidly received and sold in line with expectations, net of a small portion of royalties in Q3.”

“The most successful productions in the pre-existing catalog include Deep Rock Galactic, Hot Wheels: Unleashed, Welcome to Bloxburg, Insurgency: Sandstorm, SnowRunner, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter Online, Metro Exodus, Chivalry 3 and Borderlands 3.”

“Deep Rock Galactic Season 3 update was successful, contributing substantially to a strong quarter for Coffee Stain, which was able to count on two top 10 titles, including the recent acquisition of Welcome to Bloxburg.”

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