God of War for PC: a mod will make us play as Atreus

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A new mod from God of War for PC currently in development, but already with promising results, allows play as Atreus rather than those of Kratos.

This interesting mod was made by Speclizer, who in the past has published other videos dedicated to the work of Santa Monica, but also of The Last of Us 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man and other games made in Sony. You can get a taste in the gameplay video below which shows some God of War boss fights as Atreus (watch out for spoilers).

As we can see from the video Atreus can attack by shooting arrows quickly in sequence, with the aim that would seem automatic. Unfortunately some elements are still to be perfected, first of all the movements, as Kratos’ son glides on the ground as if he were skating on ice. The author himself admitted that the mod is still in development and that it will still take a lot of work to make it an enjoyable experience. In any case it is an interesting project, undoubtedly to keep an eye on.

In the meantime, on Nexus mod you are spoiled for choice if you are looking for mods for God of War, such as those that increase the FOV or the one that shaves Kratos’ beard, leaving him two beautiful mustaches.

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