God of War for PC: mod replaces Kratos with CJ from GTA San Andreas

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Thanks to a new one mod for the PC version of God of War made by Omega Fantasy now if you want you can replace Kratos with CJthe protagonist of GTA San Andreas.

According to the author, this is the first really working God of War model swap ever made so far. In practice, it replaces the polygonal model of the Spartan with that of Carl Johnson, or rather, in one of his own version on steroids with super pumped muscles and armed with a magic baseball bat instead of the Leviathan ax. The result is excellent, as you can see in the video below, which shows the clash between CJ and Baldur, the first boss fight of God of War. Little extra: at 0:18 we can also see Barney the pink dinosaur in the role of Atreus.

Currently the mod is available in early access only for supporters of the Omega Fantasy Patreon page, but we assume that it will soon be made available to everyone. Furthermore, given that this is the first working model swap, it is not excluded that in the future there will not be further similar mods with characters taken from other games or from films and TV series.

If you are interested in other God of War mods, on NexusMod you are spoiled for choice, from those that modify the FOV or other parameters of the game, to the more playful and fun ones, like the one that shaves Kratos’ beard leaving him two beautiful mustaches.

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