God of War for PC: update 1.0.6 available, here are the news from the official patch notes

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Jetpack Interactive and Sony Santa Monica have released the patch 1.0.6 from the PC version from God of Warfollowed by hotfix, which among other things improves AMD’s FSR implementation and mouse accuracy.

As we learn from the official update notes, the patch fixes the Problems with images that are blurry or not displayed correctly with FSR active and those related to the sensitivity of Xbox controllers. Additionally, Mouse Precision mode no longer causes animation crashes and also now supports aim assist. God of War patch 1.0.6 notes below:


  • Enabling FSR will now no longer result in blurry / blocky images.
  • Xbox controllers will now have the correct sensitivity.
  • Mouse Precision mode will no longer cause interruptions in motion animations.

New Features

  • Added translations for Precision Mode previously not included with patch 1.0.5.
  • Mouse Precision mode now supports aim assist.

God of War, an image taken from the PC version

A few hours after the patch was released, thehotfix fixed an issue with some devices’ analog stick deadzones.

Therefore, post-launch support for the PC version of God of War continues. The port turned out to be a success according to Sony, which is confirmed by the fact that it remained in the top 10 of Steam for a full three weeks.

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