God of War patch 1.0.5 available: improve mouse use and more

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God of War up PC gets the new one patch 1.0.5published yesterday by Sony Santa Monica for the new Windows version of the game and focused on some improvements applied to the use of the mouse and other aspects reported in the official changelog.

As for the check away mouse, the Precision Mouse Mode system is implemented, which effectively overrides the default implementation by applying greater precision to movement and some new options for finer adjustment of input through that peripheral. In addition, other aspects of the game are also fixed and improved.

Among them, the TAA no longer causes excessive blur when the render scale is below 100%, the audio is muted when the application is placed in the background and other aspects have been implemented such as the fact that if it is positioned at 0 the slider of the DLSS Sharpening this is effectively disabled, the display of glyphs in the game is corrected based on the selected controls and the interactions between the game and the taskbar adjusted.

Other adjustments on theinterface concern the correction in the display in the Task Switcher in Fullscreen Borderless mode and a better implementation of the options for HDR. Therefore, the adjustment path of God of War on PC continues with this new patch 1.0.5. We have seen how Sony considered the launch of God of War on PC a success, which suggests further initiatives of this kind by the company. Meanwhile, the game dropped out of the Steam top ten after staying at the top for three weeks.

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