God of War Ragnarok: details on the new combat system

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From the in-depth article of Game Informer come various details on Announcements of the combat system Of God of War: Ragnarokwhich therefore presents various distinctive elements with respect to the previous chapter, although obviously starting from a basis common to the latter.

It is, essentially, aevolution general, which introduces some aspects aimed at improving the gameplay further. Lead combat designers Mihir Sheth and Denny Yeh, on the other hand, have a wealth of experience with the series having been in this role for over 17 years, having played a major part in establishing the franchise.

The basic idea of ​​the new combat system of God of War Ragnarok is “play with your food”, that is playing with food, providing a wide range of possibilities and tactics to manage and fight against enemies, such as a predator that can use different techniques to bring down its prey.

The fun of God of War Ragnarok therefore derives from the action during the battle, which allows for a considerable diversity of approaches and situations, thanks to the simultaneous presence of the two characters (Kratos and Atreus) and the variety of arsenal and attack solutions available, also combined.

Among these, an interesting novelty is represented by the “Signature Moves” linked to each weapon: these are activated with the triangle button and allow you to infuse additional power to the attacks.

God of War: Ragnarok, the new illustration

Having equipped theLeviathan’s Ax or the Blades of Chaosfor example, with the triangle key it is possible to instill them with elemental powers such as ice or fire, performing new attacks such as “Frost Awaken” or “Whiplash”.

So too shield has been modified with new possibilities, becoming an additional offensive weapon: the Dauntless requires fast movements and perfect timing in dodging, which charges it with an energy that can then be released on enemies. Similarly, the Stonewall Shield is also able to accumulate energy, but in this case by taking hits, with a slower and more traditional use, but which also leads to its deterioration.

Sheth and Yeh also confirmed that the enemies will be more lethal at higher difficulty levels, with previously visited settings periodically being repopulated with other, in some cases even stronger, opponents. Furthermore, secondary content, such as sub-quests and the like, should allow you to reach more satisfying rewards.

Just in these hours we have seen videos and images from Game Informer, of which God of War Ragnarok is the cover game of the new issue.

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