God of War Ragnarok, that’s when the embargo for reviews will expire

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When will the embargo expire? for reviews Of God of War Ragnarok? VGC journalist Jordan Middler revealed it on Twitter: the articles will go online on November 3 at 5.00 pm, Italian time. Clearly at that moment you can also read our review of the game.

That’s not all: always according to the information revealed by Middler, on October 21st at 15.00, always Italian time, a further embargo of God of War Ragnarok will expire, in this case relating to a tried of the game before the review.

Also available in an attractive bundle with PS5, God of War Ragnarok will resume the events of history from where we left them, at the end of the previous chapter, with the Twilight of the Gods now imminent.

Again in command of Kratoswe will have to face the Norse gods who will try to take Atreus away from us, finding an unexpected ally in the Norse god of war Tyr and a prodigious opponent in the mighty Thor.

It goes without saying that the expectations of the many God of War fans are literally skyrocketing, after the extraordinary quality of the episode released in 2018: the hope is that the new game director will be able to do as well as Cory Barlog, if not better, giving us a outstanding adventure.

We will be able to have confirmation of the result, as mentioned, on Thursday 3 November starting at 17.00.

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