God of War Ragnarok, video comparison between the first trailer and the final gameplay

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IGN has made an interesting comparison videos between the first trailer Of God of War Ragnarok and the final gameplayin order to identify any differences and – why not – technical downgrades.

Sure, it’s not something funny like the commercial with Ben Stiller, John Travolta and LeBron James, but such insights help to understand what happens during the development of a game and what choices are made in the period from the announcement to the publication.

In this case we are faced with stylistic variations: the color tones change, much darker in the final version of the game, and the image generally appears “softer”: maybe the catches are related to the performance mode?

In any case, for the moment the new creature of Santa Monica Studio is a success: the votes of God of War Ragnarok are those of a masterpiece and the average for the moment exceeds that of the 2018 episode.

Staying on the subject of video comparisons, we also made one by placing the PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 editions of the title side by side.

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