God of War: video shows an 8K mod and ray tracing with RTX 3090, Italian production

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AD Massivean experienced Italian graphic modder, shared his latest work: a mod for God of War in PC versionwhich now comes to 8K with ray tracing and “ultra” graphics. You can see the full video showing what AD Massicuro created above.

As AD Massicuro explained to us, “the last Graphic mod for GOD OF WAR in 8K adds / enhances Ray Tracing effects and makes it more cinematic thanks to a camera mod, FOV and much more. ”

AD Massive he also explains: “I used a combination of dedicated shaders to improve the graphic details and then add the Global Illumination to obtain realistic shadows and lighting also through the RT Shader of” Pascal Gilcher “via Reshade. I took care of the color correction thanks to the Color Grading, I also significantly increased the game view or “the FOV” and the LOD distance. Finally I reworked the Depth of Field by adding a Camera Mod that makes every scene of the game more cinematic and engaging. ”

It also tells us that “The game runs stably in 8K, with all Ray Tracing effects enabled, using an RTX 3090.” The video allows you to see a series of landscapes and combat scenes, so as to get an idea of ​​the very high quality of the mod and, consequently, of the game.

If your computer can’t handle the quality of this mod, then you might be interested in a mod that will let us play as Atreus.

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