Gotham Knights, Alyson Tabbitha’s Batgirl cosplay watches over the city

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Alyson Tabbitha made a new cosplay sponsored, as she happens to do more and more often: in this case the character is the Batgirl Of Gotham Knightswhich as you can see watches over the city.

In terms of shape, the video is a classic for the American model, who stages her own transformation: first she appears natural, then wears the mask and becomes Batgirl, letting us admire the costume before taking up position on the roof of a building.

In the context of our Gotham Knights review, we mainly used Barbara Gordon, so we understand the fascination she exerts, even more so with all the costumes and variants available in the game.

Little to say instead about Alyson Tabbitha, now universally known for being a real cosplay queen. Other recent works by her include Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Jinx from Arcane and Morpheus from The Sandman.

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