Gran Turismo 7 better than Forza Horizon 5 in some respects, says Destin Legarie

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Gran Turismo 7 is a racer improve Of Forza Horizon 5? According to the journalist Destin Legarie the answer is yes, at least if we consider some aspects of the driving game developed by Polyphony Digital.

The game with the highest ratings of 2021 on Metacritic, Forza Horizon 5 is now seen as a reference point for the entire genre although it is, as we know, a simcade that makes theaccessibility and of spectacularity its points of, uh, strength.

In short, we are not talking about a product with simulative ambitions like Gran Turismo, which also remains a simcade but with a different structure, far from the freedom of the open world and more comparable to the experience of Forza Motorsportwanting to be picky.

Nonetheless, Destin’s speech is interesting in absolute terms, all the more so as the journalist is historically associated with Xbox while in his latest speech he expresses considerations that admit and enhance what Sony has shown so far for Gran Turismo 7.

Specifically, the reporter indicated i replaythe fact that the game is bootable from disc without requiring additional downloads, the photo modesupport for the haptic feedbackartificial intelligence, the ability to buy used cars in-game and finally the importance of such a product to elevate the entire racer line.

According to him, it is in everyone’s interest that titles such as Gran Turismo 7 are published, given that the competition pushes the counterparts to improve and this will certainly also happen in the case of the next episode of Forza Motorsport.

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