Gran Turismo 7: copies already shipped to players, one week in advance

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Gran Turismo 7 will be officially available from March 4, 2022, but according to a few reports copies have already been sent to playersone week in advance.

Specifically, the report comes from a person who purchased Gran Turismo 7 through Amazon USA. As you can see in the example below, user JakX62 claimed to have received the pre-order copy of the guide title directly in his Amazon Hub Locker. Also on his account, the user then shared a video in which he plays the video game on PS5.

This is a significant advance. Let’s assume that the shipment left by mistake, although it is difficult to imagine how. At the very least, Gran Turismo 7 is not a story-driven game, so there is no risk of suffering spoiler waiting for the exit.

If you haven’t done your preorder yet, remember that Gran Turismo 7 can be pre-ordered with a 20 € PSN Card on Amazon Italy.

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