Gran Turismo 7, gameplay video compared to a real ride on Big Willow

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Gran Turismo 7 is a racer that focuses on visual realism, and the new gameplay video puts a comparison in-game graphics with a real ride on Big Willownamely the Willow Springs Raceway.

Referred to as extraordinary by Digital Foundry, Gran Turismo 7 will carry on PS5 And PS4 a graphics that fears very few comparisons in driving games, and the video published today by Sony is just another demonstration in this sense.

Behind the wheel we find in this case the professional driver Dai Yoshiharawho drove his own car on Big Willow, and the content creator Super GTwho tried to do the same in-game with the new episode of the Polyphony Digital series.

Well, beyond a darker image in real shots, due to the windshield filter, the sequences in some moments are hard to distinguish: a great result, yet another, for Gran Turismo 7.

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