Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 is extraordinary: the Digital Foundry video is about a classic

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Gran Turismo 7 for PS5 stands as an extraordinary racer, with all the credentials to become a real classic: this is the feeling expressed in the last video from Digital Foundry.

The presentation of Gran Turismo 7 at the State of Play has definitely convinced Richard Leadbetter, John Linneman and Alex Battaglia, who see in the new episode of the Polyphony series the complete expression of the developers’ vision.

Looking at the sequences shown while streaming, you notice one extraordinary asset quality which remains so even when zooming in on surfaces and materials: a degree of finishing that is anything but common.

Clearly there was also talk of the implementation of the ray tracing and the impossibility of inserting it into the game while maintaining true 4K and 60 fps: an unattainable prospect for the hardware of PlayStation 5.

Precisely for this reason, the editorial team hopes that a reduced resolution graphics mode will be introduced that will allow users to enjoy advanced effects without sacrificing fluidity.

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