Gran Turismo 7: “Ready Set GT” advertising spot in Italian

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Gran Turismo 7 returns to show itself in one TV commercial titled “Ready Set GT” and proposed in Italian by Sony, visible above in view of the release of the game set for March 4, 2022.

It is a short one 30 second videoin the classic style of the TV commercial, which makes a quick review of the basic features of Gran Turismo 7, which are then typical of the series: players are invited to collect, design, compete, modify, photograph and choose their own path, as said in the video.

They are obviously references to founding elements of Gran Turismo 7, in which the collection of cars and the possibility of modifying them are typical characteristics, in addition of course to the fact of competing on different tracks and possibly dedicating oneself to photographing the various models available in the garage.

In short, it is a condensation of the characteristics Gran Turismo 7’s basics concentrated in 30 seconds of promotional video, which will certainly be able to exalt the many fans of the racing series by Polyphony Digital, also inviting them to preorder the game to be released on March 4, 2022.

In recent days we have seen that Gran Turismo 7 will be on two discs for PS4 and only one for PS5, and will also allow you to transfer data from GT Sport. The expiration date of the review embargo was then revealed.

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