Gran Turismo 7: Trophies revealed in advance, get ready to grind several kilometers

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There are just a few days left until the launch of Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 and PS4 and as usual therecomplete list of trophies was online early, revealing the feats that players will have to accomplish to conquer the coveted Platinum of Polyphony Digital’s new racing game.

In total, Gran Turismo 7 is giving away 47 bronze, 4 silver and one gold trophies. Find the complete list, in English, on the pages at this address. We are talking, as per the tradition of the series, of a Platinum that takes a long time to be conquered, but apparently this time without proposing particularly demanding challenges, perhaps with the exception of a couple of trophies.

There are therefore extremely simple objectives, such as “Driving Route 66” which requires you to travel a total of 3,945 km and which you will therefore unlock without even realizing it, or “Podium Fixture” in which you just need to finish on the podium ten times.

Gran Turismo 7

For others, however, it will be necessary to invest the hard earned credits by winning the races. “Firm Favorite” in this sense will ask you to buy the same car 10 times, while others ask you to add specific models or categories of cars to their collection. However, there is no shortage of trophies related to your skills as a driver, such as the gold “Hard Work Pay Off” that it requires get gold for every driving license of the game.

Before leaving, we remind you that Gran Turismo 7 will be available from March 4th 2022 exclusively for PS5 and PS4. In a recent interview, Polyphony Digital talked about how the B-Spec mode could arrive with a future update thanks to Sophy, the super AI.

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