Gran Turismo 7: update 1.02 found, the total weight of the game increases

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PlayStation Game Size shared new information on Twitter regarding Gran Turismo 7explaining that it was posted on PlayStation servers the update 1,020,000 and that the total weight of the game increased.

Precisely, at this moment Gran Turismo 7 weighs 96.80 GB in PS5 version, while on 23 January it weighed 89,445 GB. However, this was the unpatched version, so it was natural to expect weight gain. PlayStation Game Size also specifies that the PS4 version of the 1.020.000 update weighs 16 GB.

Gran Turismo 7 appears to be one of the heaviest games from PlayStation Studios. Considering that new updates and new content will certainly arrive after publication, it seems destined to get bigger and bigger and exceed 100 GB in total.

The installation of the digital version will therefore take some time, but luckily it will be possible to do the pre-load starting from February 25, 2022. The release date is instead set for March 4, 2022.

Obviously, it is always possible to buy the physical version of the game and avoid a huge chunk of the download, we also remember that Gran Turismo 7 is available in pre-order from Amazon with 20 € for the PSN for free, for PS5 and PS4.

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