Gran Turismo Sport with 14 million players worldwide

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Gran Turismo Sportthe last installment of the Polyphony Digital series released on PS4 in October 2017, has reached altitude 14 million players worldwide.

The figure was confirmed by the video making of Gran Tursimo Sophy, the super AI capable of competing even with the best human pilots in the world. Exactly one year ago Kazunori Yamauchi had stated that Gran Turismo Sport had reached 9.5 million players. It therefore means that in a year they were added another 4.5 milliona truly remarkable result if we consider that, among other things, the game now has over four years of career behind it.

Gran Turismo Sport

As we know initially, the sales of Gran Turismo Sport did not turn out to be exciting when compared to those of the previous chapters, given the initial distrust on the part of both critics and the public, especially due to the focus on multiplayer. However, in the following years, thanks also to the constant and substantial support from Polyphony Digital, evidently the PS4 racing game must have made many change their minds. A sign, among other things, that the live service model has paid off in the long term.

It will be interesting to see how Gran Turismo 7, the new chapter of the series in the pipeline for PS4 and PS5, will be welcomed next month. 4th Marchwhich will boast a rich single player career and several improvements, such as a revolutionary weather simulation.

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