Gravity Rush: new game and port of the series for PC? Keiichiro Toyama would be in favor

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Keiichiro Toyama, director of the series Gravity Rush and Silent Hill’s dad, said in an interview that he would be supportive of bring the first two chapters to PCas well as to collaborate again with Sony to make a hypothetical Gravity Rush 3.

For those unfamiliar with it, Gravity Rush is an exclusive PlayStation action series created by Japan Studio (now merged into Team Asobi), born on PlayStation Vita with the first chapter released in 2012. Subsequently the brand arrived on PS4 with a remaster made by Bluepoint Games and a second installment released in 2017. Despite generally favorable feedback from critics and gamers, the series has never been a blockbuster. Keiichiro Toyama, the director of Gravity Rush, is now the CEO of Bokeh Game Studio, the authors of the promising horror Slitterhead.

During an interview on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the launch of Gravity Rush on PS Vita, Toyama says it would be in favor of a hypothetical port of the first two games on PC, as it would allow more users to play them.

“I think it would be a good thing to allow more users to play the series. Also, it would be great to be able to run Gravity Rush 2 at 60 fps,” says Toyama.

Gravity Rush 2, an official artwork

As Toyama said they have maintained good relations with Sony, he was asked if he would be willing to team up with Sony again to make a new Gravity Rush. Also in this case the response of the director of the series was positive.

“There are various things to consider as a start-up, but on a personal level of course I would love it. Even if it wasn’t a new game, if there was any opportunity to get involved in something related to Gravity Rush, I would be grateful to do so. ”

In short, there is nothing official in the pipeline and probably Gravity Rush is not among Sony’s priorities, but at least there is the approval from Toyama, which perhaps could lead in the future to the realization of new projects related to the series.

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