GTA 6 does not rule out possible news coming to Bully 2, according to Tom Henderson

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The recent announcement on the ongoing development of GTA 6 should not rule out possible new for Bully 2according to well-known journalist and insider Tom Henderson, who has recently returned to the subject given the recent developments in the house Rockstar Games.

Bully 2 cyclically returns in the rumors, which alternately see it as possibly in development or permanently canceled, and in this case, according to Henderson, there would be the possibility that it really exists, regardless of the commitments on GTA 6, the development of which was officially announced these days.

Henderson had previously reported some information that spoke of a Bully 2 in development and for this reason someone asked him for an explanation, considering that the confirmation of GTA 6 would make it difficult to work the other project at the same time.

However, the insider doesn’t seem to think this way: “Sorry, where is it that in today’s announcement it says there are no other projects going on? They just said that GTA 6 is in development. idea that there is something in the works regarding the Bully series. “

The journalist therefore remains faithful to his vision of things, albeit that “something coming up for the Bully series” is a rather vague definition that could also include projects other than a real Bully 2, such as a re-release, a remaster or a remake of the first chapter.

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