GTA 6: leaker talks about the songs and radio stations of the game

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A leaker decided to share some information on GTA 6precisely revealing which songs and how many radio stations are present in the game, or more precisely in a 2019 alpha build.

Let’s talk about MattheusVictorBR, whose credibility is to be confirmed for the moment. However, not being able to deny what he said, since obviously Rockstar Games has not released comments on the matter, we can only take note of what is reported. Specifically, the leaker claims that GTA 6 could include Pet Shop Boys’ Domino Dancing, Caribou’s Odessa, Santigold’s Disparate Youth, and Rihana Feat. Eminem’s Numb. Added to this information is the fact that in the alpha version of GTA 6 there were 20 different radio stations.

Dr Dre in GTA 5

The link between GTA and the music is important and over the years Rockstar Games has invested in this direction, as evidenced by the presence of Dr. Dre and the works of Kendrick Lamar in GTA 5 and GTA Online. However, MattheusVictorBR did not explain how he accessed this information, so we advise you to take the information with a grain of salt for now.

As for more reliable information, we know that, for GTA 6, the goal is to sell more than 160 million copies.

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