GTA 6: the goal is to sell more than 160 million copies, for the CEO of Take-Two

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Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke to IGN USA and had his say on the possible financial results of GTA 6 and on ad management, stating that the goal is to sell more than 160 million copies.

Precisely, Zelnick said, “Every new installment of our successful franchises, all of them, has always performed better than the previous one. I’m not saying it will happen again, I’m not saying it’s guaranteed, but it certainly is our goal.” This means that the intention of Rockstar and Take-Two is to sell at least more than 160 million units of GTA 6, as this is the number of copies of GTA 5 sold.

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The result of GTA 5 however, it was obtained in 9 years and through two different generations. In addition, it is about to arrive on the third generation where it will certainly sell millions and millions more copies, so it is possible that the goal of GTA 6 will become even higher and more complex to overcome.

Zelnick also claimed that it is Take-Two to “always decide when and how to announce a new project”, including the confirmation of the development of GTA 6 (which officially does not yet have a name, let’s remember it). Zelnick also added that “obviously people should stay at attention, a lot more information will be shared and Rockstar will do it at the right time”.

One thing is certain, GTA 6 got off to a good start as the announcement already has over half a million likes on Twitter, GTA 5 had stopped at 800 instead.

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