GTA 6: The leaks have had an emotional impact on the team, but have not caused financial problems

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Strauss Zelnick – CEO of Take-Twoi.e. the parent company of Rockstar Games – recently talked about how much i Grand Theft Auto 6 leak have influenced the company, revealing that from an economic point of view there have been no repercussions. The problem was mostly related to the morale of the GTA 6 team.

“We take leaks very seriously and we are disappointed with what has happened, it is really frustrating and upsetting for the team,” Strauss Zelnick said of GTA 6. “However, from a business point of view we are not affected by it. and emotional, our teams are conditioned by it“.

In other words, certainly a leak is not enough to shake the success of GTA and more generally of Take-Two, but for the developers it is unfortunate that a preliminary version of their work ends up online and is judged without knowledge of the facts by some players.

While the GTA 6 leaks didn’t particularly impact Take-Two, the company decided to cut costs worth approximately $50 million after reporting revenue of $1.38 billion in the recent quarter, instead of $1.41 billion expected. It is not clear how this will happen, but Zelnick says that some jobs could be at risk: however, there is no mention of mass layoffs as happened recently with various companies.

Finally, we point out that GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 continue to sell, while Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a commercial failure.

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