GTA Online used to recruit real drug couriers in Mexico, from an investigation

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According to Forbes, the Mexican police have found that GTA Online has been used regularly as a means of carrying out drug courier recruitments by the signs in Mexicowith the Rockstar Games game finished within a full-scale investigation in the American country.

Moreover, it seems that the scheme did not foresee a direct involvement of the players from the beginning, but that GTA Online was used as a test bench for select possible candidates, which would be chosen based on performance in the Rockstar Games game. In fact, the article talks about the case of Alyssa Navarro, a girl arrested by the border police in Arizona last November with 60 kg of methamphetamine in the car.

Based on the recorded testimonials, it appears that Alyssa Navarro was contacted starting in January 2021, during some games of GTA Online, by a man who turned out to be a member of a group of drug traffickers. He would have introduced the girl to the world of drug trafficking through various chat meetings and then in person, starting from her performances shown in GTA Online.

Similar cases have not yet been detected, but according to what was reported by the Mexican police it seems that the matter is under observation, and that it is not an isolated case: GTA Online could therefore represent a sort of test bench to find ideal candidates for use in drug trafficking, pending further developments on the issue.

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