GTA Trilogy, sales of 10 million copies despite the problems

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Apparently GTA Trilogy has totaled sales for 10 million copiesachieving this goal despite the problems technicians plaguing the remastered chat collection of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas.

Take-Two has assured that the next GTA will not have technical problems, burned precisely by what happened to the Trilogy, especially in terms of the generally disastrous evaluations of critics and the public.

Despite this, as mentioned, the remaster went very well: if we consider that the series of Grand Theft Auto it recorded growth of 15 million copies in its entirety, but the sales of GTA V have increased by 5 million, it goes without saying that 10 million remain attributable to the Trilogy.

However, this is not the end of the race for the collection, since the mobile versions for iOS And Android which will inevitably lead to a further increase in receipts.

In short, the nostalgia effect applied to the classic episodes of GTA and the popularity of the brand, together with the pre-order mechanism and a delayed delivery of review codes have resulted in yet another commercial success for Take-Two.

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