GXT 834 Callaz TKL: price and features of the new compact keyboard from Trust

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Trust has announced a new compact keyboard: the GXT 834 Callaz TKL. This is a new proposal after the GXT 833 Thado TKL. The selling price is € 49.99.

The GXT 834 Callaz TKL was made in response to the public request. According to research by GfK, “20% of PC gamers prefer a compact gaming keyboard”. In recent years, as Trust explains, more and more people have been forced to stay indoors and hi-tech devices need to become more accessible and comfortable according to the company.

There GXT 834 Callaz TKL described as “extremely durable, with mechanical switches (another trend in the gaming industry) Outemu and rainbow wave lighting, the new Callaz TKL lasts up to 50 million keystrokes. A small design designed to create space on the desk for the extra peripherals that offer mobility in movement (therefore ideal for gunshot game lovers), while the metal top plate makes the keyboard optimal for intense gaming sessions. ”

Let’s see what the main features of the compact keyboard GXT 834 Callaz TKL:

  • Compact and space-saving TKL layout
  • Outemu red linear mechanical switches that last up to 50 million keystrokes
  • Durable metal top plate for a solid feel
  • Multi-color backlight in 6 fixed colors with 20 adjustable brightness and speed modes
  • 11 multimedia keys Fn

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