Half-Life: Alyx on PlayStation VR2 in 2023? A self-styled leaker confirms it

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Half Life: Alyx will land on Playstation VR2the new virtual reality headset for PS5, in the course of 2023: this is confirmed by a self-styled leaker who claims to have heard the news taken for granted by his sources.

Capable of dragging VR headset sales with nearly a million more units, Half-Life: Alyx will not be one of the launch games of PSVR2according to this source, but Sony would have by now struck a deal with Valve to secure the excellent shooter.

“Our source has provided us with genuine information and legitimate leaks”, reads the website The Leak, which however adds: “However, given the many postponements and cancellations now common in the video game world, nothing is set in stone.”

In reality it is not the first time that there has been talk of how the Valve title can get up Playstation 5: already last January an insider reported that Half-Life: Alyx could arrive on PlayStation VR2, but there have been no further developments.

It goes without saying that this rumor must be taken with a grain of salt, pending confirmation or denial from Sony. Sure, being able to play Alyx on PSVR2 wouldn’t be bad at all…

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