Halo Infinite: a coop campaign bug would actually be a function inserted on purpose

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According to an image shared via Reddit by a user, the 343 Industries team would have revealed that a bugs reported by players for the mode Halo Infinite coop campaign is actually a function of desired game.

Precisely we are talking about the fact that, in the coop mode of the Halo Infinite campaign, i Marines controlled by the AI ​​are unable to get into a vehicle that is not being driven by the game session host.

According to an email, this is intentional: Marines cannot be picked up in a co-op campaign guest’s vehicle. However, the is not indicated reason behind this choice: maybe it’s a technical question, or a question of balancing the difficulty. Could being able to bring along more Marines make the game too easy?

Players have obviously had their say on the matter and have expanded on the argument, stating that Halo Infinite feels “empty” no matter what. Players would like the Marines to have more impact and be able to move around the game world, creating random events such as clashes with alien patrols. In any case, we specify that we cannot confirm the veracity of the email, even if it seems unlikely that it is all an invention of the user who shared the image.

Finally, we also know that the open world has been greatly scaled down from the original Halo Infinite design.

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